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Hear it for Yourself video below

Jacobs Garage has partnered with SEBAN Corporation to develop an affordable and durable cat back exhaust system for your car. We work will all makes and models to bring you a truly desired look, feel and sound.  Some of our systems we can sell because they are in our inventory other need to be produced.  Good news is we make it for you.  Please think about the following

  • How far back do we go?

               - Cat back

                     High flow cat replacement

                     - Why not all the way to the headers, down pipe

  • How big do you want it? (Size does matter)

                     - Pipe diameter 2.5" or a 3" maybe bigger

                     - Tip diameter

                     - Single or Dual exhaust

                     - Single or dual tips per side

  • Are you a Square? Oval? or a Circle?

                     -There are a lot of options if you are not sure we can pick for you and you                            will be happy​

Have a build in mind?  Send us an inquiry.  See what we can do, see what we can offer.   We are not limited to the cars below.  We are also looking for people with new cars we have not done yet!!

2003-06 MERCEDES SL500

  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel

  • 3 inch cat back

  • Custom 3.5 Inch Dual tips

  • Improves sound, look and feel of car.

  • No modification to stock bumper necessary

  • Fallows the curvature of bumper

2017-07-08 14.42.50
2017-07-08 14.42.24
2017-07-06 17.13.33

$1750 free shipping

1998-2004 PORSCHE 996

  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel 

  • 3 inch with High flow cats

  • Custom 3" Dual tips (Titanium tip option)

  • Improves sound, look and feel of car.

  • No modification to stock bumper neccessary


14-17 Sprinter 2.1L TD

For off road use only

  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel 

  • 3 inch high flow

  • No restrictions

  • Improves HP, Torqe and fuel economy.

  • Bolts right in

  • Need an ECM upgrade

2017-12-03 10.52.55
2017-12-03 10.53.05
2017-12-03 10.53.47
2017-12-03 10.53.36
2017-12-03 10.53.26
2017-12-03 10.53.52
2017-12-03 10.53.14

More coming soon

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